Like most people who have extensive personal web pages, I work in the techno industry. Currently, I work for Nortel Networks, a telecommunications company.  I stay busy implementing and supporting computer system and network solutions.  Previously, I worked for many years at Bank of America (formally NationsBank) as a Technical Analyst.  I've also considered a few alternative career choices.  And yes…  I am definitely a fanatical Dr Pepper fan!  I was born in the 1950s, a strange and different era...

If you haven't guessed by now, most of my time is spent  -- both work and play -- on computers.  I manage and use mostly Hewlett-Packard UNIX systems at work, but also have a few Sun Microsystems UNIX systems.  Occasionally, I also dabble in Digital VAX systems (now part of Compaq), and have even been known to be seen on Tandem computers (also bought by Compaq).  Since the early '80s, I've been heavily involved in Personal Computers using Microsoft Operating Systems from DOS to Windows NT to 2000.  Lately, I've been jumping deeper into the world of networking for local networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), and even some Point-to-Point (PPP) servers for support access.  I've done most of this networking using Cisco  and Nortel Networks networking equipment.  You may peruse an on-line copy of my resume.
What does all that gobbledygook mean?  Well, basically it means I design, setup and manage solutions using the same kind of systems and networks you're using right now to surf the Internet!

Ok. Ok.  I do a few things outside of computers.  I enjoy the hackney "eating out and going to movies".  Some of my buds work out at  Eastgate, a Rough Riders version of a church picnic (how's that for a mental picture?)  For a while, I even dabbled in remote control flying, but soon grew weary of buying new propellers and smelling of high performance fuel.  One of my more exciting activities over the past few years is skydiving!
I share my home in Whittington Park with two purebred  Italian Greyhounds, Sherman and Marco (Sherman is on the left and Marco is on the right).  They are adorable creatures with an inquisitive nature.  The Italian Greyhound is an ancient breed, and is registered with the American Kennel Club.  You can see more pictures, videos and even a webcam on my Italian Greyhounds page, or join in fun and lively discussion on our Italian Greyhound message board at IG Post






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