Favorite Dog Window Pictures 1!

These are our favorite "snapshots" collected from the dog webcam over the years.  Here you'll see me, my friends, and my Italian Greyhounds captured in the webcam sights!  (Don't worry, the cameras and picture quality improved over the years!)

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Here's me and the boys "having a talk".  Don't they look attentive!?  Here Marco jumped up and planted one right on my kisser!  I closed my mouth, but it looks like I'm "puckering up!" Here's one of many mug shots for Mom -- after she complained all she saw was my "feet and my hind end" in the Dog Window!
Here's a picture of me coming home and the boys happy to see me!  It's the best time of my day. This is why I setup the WebCam in the first place.  I love to peek in during the day to see them playing! Of course, here's what the guys do most of the day -- sleep!  It's a dog's life, eh?
Here's a funny picture of Marco one day.  He popped his head up just as the picture snapped.  His ears flew up at the same time! Marco and I playing tug-of-war with a toy!  Look at his little tail wagging so fast -- it's just a blur! Here's Marco getting comfy using my legs as a cushion.  Sherman, of course, is camped out on the snuggle ball!

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