No personal web site is complete without the author's personal list of favorite links.  Here's mine:

C| is one of the best overall sites on the Internet.  It contains information, files, reviews, news, and a great search engine.  In my opinion, it's the most complete site on the net.
Tucows is web browser friendly version of one of the oldest sites on the net.  One of its strengths is the amount of Internet and specialized utilities.  When you're looking for programs to do unusual or technical things, this is a good place to look.
The Happy Puppy is one of the most popular game sites on the web.  It has sections for almost every conceivable game system and operating system, including Mac and PC.  It has tons of files, including many of the old favorites (in the boneyard!)
The Adrenaline Vault is another very good repository for game demos, patches, and information.
I still love Yahoo to search for web sites.  It works well.  The only search engine I use as much is C|net's  The site gives you an automatic sub-search option from the results of your search!
Google is a large-base engine that returns a lot of results, but usually contains a link to what you're looking for.  The only place that returns more results is...
Can't find it any place else?  Try Dogpile!  Dogpile is a multi-site search engine which can produce a myriad of search results.  Be prepared to sift through a lot of information.


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