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Me and My Italian Greyhounds!


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I had an Idea...   Using a Timer   Ready, Get set...   No Go!
The experiment   A camera, a tripod...   ...and a timer!   It's not going to work!
I had a great idea one day to get all of us in a picture in the living room...   I set the camera on a tripod in the living room and set the timer...   As soon as I got one dog ready, the other would do something else...   By the time the camera picture snapped, no one was looking at the camera.
Treats!   Another Timer...   Ok, here we go!   Look there!
Yummy!   If at first you don't succeed...   Let's try this again   We're more interested in YOU.
The boys love any kind of treat.  They like being in the kitchen, of course.   Here we started on another attempt with the camera timer...   Thinking they would be more relaxed in bed, I tried in vain.   Look at the camera!  Look at the camera!  Look at the camera! Oh, never mind...
Three of Us   The Living Room   I don't know...   In the Guestroom
Easier with a photographer!   In the living room   That looks scary!   Sherman, Keith and Marco
It's much easier when someone else takes the picture!   The three of us in the living room.    I don't think Sherman likes the look of that mouth...   The three of us in the guest bedroom.
Hands Full   Ok, We're Done   Three Amigos    
Hang on boys!   That's enough for today.   We're happy together!    
I've got my hands full with this crew!   Sherman and Marco had enough picture taking for today.   Sherman, Marco and their best friend!    

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