Pictures of Sherman and Marco

the Italian Greyhounds


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The Litter of Pups Lounging Dead Asleep Groggy
Litter   Lounging   Bed Bugs   Do not Disturb
Here is the entire litter of pups.  Sherman is in the very back and Marco is in the front. Here Sherman and Marco lounge in the bedroom.  It's an art form, really. Not a creature was stirring.  Especially Sherman and Marco! Huh?  Be a dear and turn off that alarm so we can go back to sleep.
Snoozin' Under Cover Hey! A wad of Covers
Snoozin'   Bed Time   It's time for bed!   Wad o' Covers
Ahh.  This is the life. No, they're not spies.  Just comfy under the cover. Turn out that light! They like it when the bed is unmade!
Over the Shoulder Sitting on the Bed Just Right Relaxed
Over the Shoulder   Dogs on Bed   Dogs Sitting on Bed   We like it cushy!
I love this over the shoulder look. Sitting on the bed. Sometimes they sit "just right". Relaxing.  Like we said, it's an art form.
In the Office We're still here... HEY, We're HERE In the Kitchen
Hi.   Remember Us?   Ok, time for US!   This place is great!
Here they are in the office while I'm on the computer. Here they are, still, in the office while I'm on the computer. Ok. Ok.  It's time to get off the computer and spend some time with the boys. The kitchen is one of their favorite places.  It's full of all kinds of good stuff!
What's that smell? Sitting Around Ding Dong Oh yeah...
What's cookin'?   Let's hang out.   Who's there?   Ummmmmm...
I can smell something good.  I don't know what it is, but I know I want it. Here we are, sitting in the living room. The doorbell rang,  Marco is ready to investigate (and run away if necessary). If Sherman were any more relaxed, he'd be in a comma.
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