Pictures of Marco

my Italian Greyhound


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Puppy Marco! Dainty Marco Marco Face Contrite Marco
Baby Marco!   Long IG Legs!   Head of Marco   Lying still
Here is Marco as a puppy. Here is Marco at the top of the stairs. Marco's face.  I use it a lot on the website! Marco looking quite contrite.
Sleepy Marco! Blue Marco First Photo And Another
I'm awake!  I'm awake!   Blue boy   Marco's first night!   Another Marco photo
Marco trying...hard to...stay... awake!. Here's Marco in his famous "blue" period!   Marco's first picture when he came home with me! And of course I took another!
At home Marco Bath Sitting on Bed On the Couch
Settling In   Please let me out!   Marco on the Sunroom bed   I find cushions everywhere!
Marco soon made himself at home with me and Sherman. Marco at bath time.  He puts up with it, but he doesn't like it. Marco sitting on the guest bed. Marco downstairs in the living room on the couch.
Sweet Face Favorite Spot In Hallway With Me
You can't resist my charms, Keith!   I like it right HERE!   It's more comfy on the couch!   This guy gives me dog cookies!
Marco's "gimmie" face.  He knows I can't resist. This is Marco's favorite spot on the bed. Marco holding one paw up while sitting in the hallway. Marco in my lap.
A new bed Sleeping Nice Profile Funny smile?
I didn't like this bed.   Marco covers nose while sleeping.   Marco In Profile   This guy gives me dog cookies!
Marco trying out a new bed.  (He didn't like it). Marco sacked out in a bed he likes. A nice side shot of Marco. He almost looks as if he's smiling...
Profile Cutout Flash Squint! Head On Pillow
Sideways view!   Sideways cutout   Squinty   Beauty Rest
A standing profile of Marco. A cutout of the same profile. Marco's turn for a funny flash squinty face! Marco used to sleep like this.  Honest.
Deep in Thought Adorable Tongue Out! Litter box
Deep Thoughts   Winning Look   Tip of tongue   Excuse me...
Marco off in a distant thought... This is the face that must of won him all those competitions. Then he sticks his tongue out! Marco in the old litter box.  (We use a Purina box now).

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