Pictures of Sherman

my Italian Greyhound


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Puppy Sherman! Devil Dog Big Head Pondering
Baby Sherm!   El Diablo!   Head of Sherman   I'm thinking...
Sherman as an adorable puppy. That's one weird camera flash in those little peepers! The big head of my big buddy Sherman! Sherman lost in thought.  Yes -- far, far, away...
Sherman Laying Sherman Pose First Photo In driveway
Laying Still   Strike a pose   First day   Driveway
Sherman laying quietly on the bed. Sherman in a nice pose. Sherman's first picture when he came home. In a friend's driveway while visiting.
Visting Friends Sherman's Bed Sherman In Blue The Ears
On a leash.   Sherman's spot.   Sherman's blue?   Sherman in dinning room.
Still in the driveway while visiting a friend. Sherman's first bed. Sherman on a blue blanket. Sherman's ear doing that funny "flip up and over" thing.
Earnest Look Aerodynamic Go away Coffee Table
A face only a mother could love :)   Ready for takeoff   Go away boy, you're bothering me!   Coffee Table Head
One of Sherman's famous (weird) looks. Slicked back, sleek, and ready to zoom! He's had enough picture taking. Sherman's head above the coffee table.
Keith and Sherm Long, long legs In Living Room Sherman standing
My big buddy!   Stretching out those legs!   Hanging out downstairs.   Standing on my bed
Sherman and me sitting on the bed. Those very, very, very long legs! Sherman sitting nicely in the living room. Sherman standing on the bed.
In Profile Profile Cutout Curl n' Snooze I'm Up!
In profile   Profile cutout   ZZZZzzzzz   What's up, buddy?
A profile of Sherman. The profile in cutout form. His eye is open, but he's completely checked out. He's up and ready to go!  (Back to sleep).
Sweet Face Raspberry! Litter Box Sherm
Sweet Sherman   Pppfffffft!   How about some privacy?  
What an adorable face. Then he sticks his tongue out and gives us a raspberry! Sherman's first litter box.


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