Here's the infamous "what I like and don't like list".  For the most part, what you see on this page was my very first web page many years ago.  It (my web site) gradually grew into the giant mess you see before you today!

This isn't everything I like and not -- but it's a good start!  It may also give you a little insight into what makes me tick!

Keith prefers electronic rather than paper.

Keith doesn't like to get up before sunrise.

Keith likes to be appreciated.

Keith likes things a little spicy.

Keith sometimes lacks patience.

The pack loves to ride in Keith's car!

Keith occasionally suffers from migraines.

Keith thinks DOOM (and Quake) are real.

Keith dreads going to the dentist.

Keith is watching.

Keith occasionally has bright ideas.

Jolt and Levi keep Turbo WIRED.

Keith doesn't like roadblocks.

Keith is not a "cat person"...

Keith is not a Mac Person.

Keith believes in intelligent creation.

Keith doesn't exercise enough.

Keith was in the Army.

Keith likes action movies.

Keith hates junk mail (especially spam).

Finally, Keith thinks too much!



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