Fun Facts!

(Or were you looking for info about the breed?)

Sherman likes to be alone more than Marco. Marco is outwardly affectionate, and likes to “cuddle”. Sherman will stand aside and stare for attention. Marco tends to nudge for attention. Sherman is jealous of Marco. Marco is even more jealous of Sherman!  Sherman is quick to respond to eye and non-verbal contact. Marco usually figures out what’s going on by watching Sherman. Sherman doesn’t like for me to play with him using his toys. Marco loves for me to play with him and the toys. Sherman likes to burrow and sleep under the covers. Marco likes to sleep near my head with his head on a pillow!  Sherman was easy to litterbox train. Marco was difficult to litterbox train. Sherman licks Marco... a little too often. Marco gets annoyed at Sherman. Sherman started play barking once Marco arrived. Marco will often stand and move on his hind legs like a prairie dog! Sherman gets a little nervous when traveling. Marco travels with ease. Sherman likes to get up and make several trips to the bathroom at night. Marco hates getting out of bed!  Sherman has bad breath. Marco’s breath isn’t too bad. Hence, Sherman loves to yawn (in my face). Of course, Marco rarely yawns. Sherman doesn’t particularly care for rawhide chew toys. Marco is in hog heaven with a pig ear!  Sherman loves strangers. Marco is very shy around new people. Sherman takes eating seriously. Marco will drag a treat or single piece of dry dog food around the house before eating it.  Marco goes crazy for "cookies" (dog biscuits).  Sherman goes nuts for "popcorn".  Sherman is the dominant dog, but is the first to whine and cry if I leave. Marco will follow me anywhere. Sherman would rather be alone if he can get a soft spot in the sun… Neither dog likes rubber toys. Both dogs like cat toys and stuffed toys. Both dogs like to sit in my lap while I’m on the computer. Both dogs stole my heart and buried it somewhere...
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