These are pages dedicated to my little pals, Sherman and Marco, purebred Italian Greyhounds (about the breed).  Watch the dogs live on their webcam each weekday, or view their crazy Italian Greyhound antics from online video clips.  

Sherman and Marco in Light   Note: Just click on any of the pictures  to see a larger version
Over the neck
Sherman and Marco are brothers from the same litter.  They're almost always together!

As with most dogs, Sherman and Marco love sunbathing!



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Peek-a-boo!   The boys sitting on bed.
You come to "expect the unexpected" with Italian Greyhounds -- like the time I walked by the bedroom to find they had made their own snuggle ball...   Sherman and Marco spent their early life as well-cared for (and loved) show dogs.  Still, they were "one among many" in a large pack of Italian Greyhounds.
Boys in Shadow   Sun Faces

Here are the boys today. (Sherman left, and Marco on the right). Their show days are over, and they enjoy a cushy indoor life with me and all the attention I can muster!

  Italian Greyhounds (IGs) are very social, and follow me everywhere in the house. Here they are with me (supervising) in the guest bedroom while I was cleaning.
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