What Kind of Name is Turbyfill?
This a question I've been asked all my life.  In its current form (most names change over time), the name is English. 

I have an interesting history of the Turbyfill name, which provides explanations of the how the name came to be, and contains references to various ancestors -- including one unsavory character who betrayed the King of England!

This history also contains a paternal lineage (added by me) along the edge listing the first documented Turbyfill in America up to my father, R. L. Turbyfill, Jr.    You can see much more history and genealogy information at the Turbyfill.com website!

Great, Great, Great...

Nothing but Trouble...

Some of the variations of the Turbeville name are interesting.  The most entertaining is the name is "Troublefield"  which I ran across in a book written by one of my relatives!  The guy who originally changed his name to that must  have been quite a character!

Don't worry, most of us Turbyfills are friendly, easy-going folks which won't give you any trouble.  (Unless maybe you're the King of England?).
This is one of my Great++ grandfathers, William S. Turbyfill, when he was over 90 years old!

Turbo Charge Me!!

It never ceases to amaze me how many times in my life people have nicknamed me “Turbo”. Usually, the person granting me the title does so with a gleam in their eye as if they are the first to ever to do so. I finally accepted the nickname, and am known widely as “Turbo”. 

Little surprise, my brother Stan is also known as “Turbo”. You guessed it, I’ve also run across other Turbyfills nicknamed “Turbo”. I think I’ll live with it. It’s better than a lot of alternatives!


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