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Here I am, (as promised on the site-map) in the buff.  That's me in the pool.  It's strange, but the older I get, the more I look like this! (Note: lack of hair and round belly). An etch-a-sketch!  The urge for a laptop was instilled!  I actually remember this event and sitting on the steps for the picture to be taken.  I was fascinated by the technology of the device... My graduation at Bob Jones.  A budding geek!  The styles of the mid-70s were really goofy. 

Fortunately, All you see here is that ultra-wide tie!



Keith in his twenties...

Me in the Army, carrying a high-powered rifle and handling nukes.  A scary thought if there ever was one.

Here I am shortly after the army, in my early twenties.

Stan in his twenties...

Our Dad in his twenties...

Here's a picture taken about the same time of my older brother Stan, also in his mid-twenties.  I thought the beard was just a passing fad.  He continued to wear until into his forties when he was required to be clean-shaven (an appearance requirement for employment).

For comparison, here's our dad when he was in his mid-twenties.  Nice doo, dad!


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