Keith Turbyfill


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Seeking a challenging hands-on role in Information Technology that will fully utilize my skills and experience with systems and networks support, solution design, automation, and implementation.  I have exposure to a broad range of industries and areas (including telecommunications, banking, shipping, and education) which adds exceptional value and perspective to my work.




·         Proven track record of providing innovative, creative, and cost effective solutions.

·         Able to manage multiple complex projects.

·         Experience in leading and mentoring teams of people for successful project implementation.

·         Have very strong system skills with LINUX, UNIX (HP/SUN), PC (All Windows versions), as well as many peripherals, subsystems, and network devices.  

·         Have strong LAMP skills (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP), and have worked extensively with Virtualization, including standalone clients with Microsoft VPC, VMware/ESXi Hypervisor.  

·         Excellent skills with a huge scope of applications (both end user and enterprise) including extensive use and implementation of web-based solutions.

·         Have strong network (LAN/WAN) and data communication skills.

·         Consistently deliver high quality work in short time frames.

·         Strong written/oral skills (technical, training, and end-user documentation).




1998 to Present NORTEL, Technical Education Center ADVISOR


Providing support and solutions to enable customer access and training in classrooms, customer sites, and e-Learning scenarios by utilizing (or developing) a variety of systems, networks and applications.


·         Develop solutions which tie business information resources to delivery resources (i.e. pulling personnel registration data to automatically build lab and remote access accounts, portfolio management, eCourseware delivery solutions, etc).   

·         Constantly reduce costs by automating processes and implementing innovative new technology.

·         Design and implement the core infrastructure for the Technical Education Center (domain, DNS, DHCP, imaging, etc).

·         Participate in forecasting, planning, budgeting and purchasing process.  

·         Develop and maintain Plan of Record for all system related projects.

·         Implement network backup servers, web servers, and application servers.  

·         Convert manual processes (i.e. course rosters, notifications, reporting, etc) by building a combination of automated data feeds and web-based applications.  

·         Work with risk analysis and cost avoidance teams.


1996 to 1998 NORTEL, Network Management Center SENIOR ENGINEER


Worked on the initial team to establish the Network Management Center, which was responsible for monitoring and managing switches and networks for a variety of external customers and operating companies.


·         Provided requirements for personnel position profiles, hardware, and connectivity requirements.

·         Established procedures for systems operations and problem escalation.

·         Managed all systems and networks in the Nortel (Northern Telecom) Network Management Center.

·         Provided solutions for various operational requirements during the Center’s inception.

·         Provided from-scratch design and setup on HP-UX and SUN UNIX servers/workstations, Windows NT servers, PCs, Routers, Terminal Servers, and CSU/DSUs for 56K and T1 network links.   

·         Provided significant custom coding and scripting on a variety of products and languages.



1989 to 1996 NORTHERN TELECOM, Product and Services SENIOR ENGINEER


Designed and implemented large scale data packet networks for commercial customers, and provided onsite support and training to customers.   Helped to establish a team to improve internal systems support and drastically reduce costs for supporting the Emergency Technical Assistance group.


·         Served as a prime member on team to replace existing desktop support within the organization.

·         Provided input to the new product process during product development. (UNIX products)

·         Provided 2nd/3rd level support for all UNIX, DOS, and Windows issues. 

·         Troubleshooter for problems addressing both internal and external customer issues.

·         Provided customer training and technical presentations.

·         Initiated computer based improvements for marketing, time management, and engineering tools. 

·         Configured network management systems and trained network operators.

·         Created, tested, and installed customer networks (Northern Telecom Data Packet Networks)

·         Provided VAX/VMS system, utility, and database support.


1985 to 1989 NATIONSBANK (Bank of America), Computer Services SYSTEMS ANALYST


Designed, wrote and supported applications involved with online financial transfers.    Worked on the team setup to establish an internal support organization for supporting desktop PCs and applications.


·         Responsible for maintaining applications and communication systems of bank to bank transfers.

·         Automated an operator intensive communications center with a simple  menu-driven interface which resulted in significant cost savings by eliminating the need for complex manual input.

·         Drafted and evaluated results during the Request for Proposal process for equipment selection

·         Provided recommendations and implemented solutions within the bank’s various organizations.

·         Created a corporate walk-in center for users to access cutting-edge hardware and applications.

·         Created and implemented an automated file transfer system for branch to main corporate banking.

·         Provided end-user support for personal computers, VAX/VMS, and internal networks. 


Awards and Recognition


·         Consistently ranked at the highest levels in performance reviews, and noted for my ability to effectively gauge and analyze issues, prioritize, and provide tangible results.

·          Received several military awards during my service with the 42nd Lance Nuclear Battalion including Army commendation medal from Secretary of the Army Clifford Alexander (service from 1976 to 1979).

·         Corporate Award of Merit, 1996.

·         Received Northern Telecom Quarterly Employee Recognition Award, 1992.


Education and Training Highlights


1974 to 1976 College Prepatory, Bob Jones Academy, Greenville, SC • 1977 AIT, Fort Lee, VA •  1979 to 1981 General Studies, Western Carolina University, Cullowhee, NC • Oracle Database, Oracle Corp., Washington, DC  • Judge & Proctor, 8th Annual International Computer Contest, Univ. of Wisconsin, 1987 •  UNIX System Administration, Sun Microsystems, Boston MA 1991 • HP-UX Troubleshooting, Hewlitt-Packard, 1997, • HP-UX Performance & Tuning, Hewlitt-Packard, 1997, • Advanced Logical Volume Management, Hewlett-Packard, 1998 • Advanced SUN System Management, 1999 • Redhat/Linux System Administration, 2006 •  CISSP Security Certification Pilot  (ISC) 2008.