Site Map and Descriptions

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Want to find about me?  Of course you can!
What to see me butt-naked?  Check out my photo album! See family, friends and heroes!
And yes, the original "what I like and don't like" list is here, too!
You can peruse a list of my favorite sites on the Internet.
Various on-line resources for maps, weather, games, stocks, news and more in one link-packed page!
Technical Tips and "How To" for those difficult PC issues!
Descriptions of, and links to my favorite shareware and free programs!
Tips to help you choose your next PC.
A copy of my resume for those who need the best and have sufficiently deep pockets!
A few of my favorite dog pictures.
A huge photo album of dog pictures!
A WebCam site for my dogs!  Is this ridiculous, or what?!
A site dedicated to our trip to the UK.  Includes maps, journals and pictures!  Fully photo-illustrated stories from each city.
Pictures from our Virginia trip to Colonial Williamsburg and King's Dominion.
Pictures from around the house, and from the Winter Storm of 2000.  See panoramic photos (full 3D) and 3D objects (including me!).
Wonder where in the heck a name like Turbyfill comes from?  Find out here and now!
The website is an online repository for Turbyfill family information.  And yes, the picture left is a bunch of nuts!
The homepage for my mom and her husband, Dr. Davis Bingham.  They have a link to the Davis Bingham Chorale, which may be of interest to some!
A page on my training sessions at SkyVenture, a skydive simulation center (wind tunnel), in Orlando, Florida.
A page with pictures and comments on my trip to Universal Studios.
Read about my skydiving exploits!  Hundreds of photos and videos!


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