PC Tech Tips for the real world...   This isn't your typical "tips" or support page with easy questions and generalized non-specific answers.  These solutions include the down-n'-dirty, nuts-n'-bolts, hard issues with real answers.

  WARNING:  Some of these solutions are for the advanced "expert" or "power user" only.  Use them at your own risk.

  1. My PC keeps locking up and crashing.  What should I do?
  2. I have to completely rebuild my machine.  How can I do that?
  3. Windows 95/98/ME doesn't do things like I want!  How can I customize?
  4. I backup my documents.  What else should I backup?
  5. I'm out of space!  What can I safely delete?
  6. I need an ASCII Chart or extended ASCII Chart, or PC Scan Code Chart.
  7. Blackbox cable specifications for RS-232, Tail Circuits, Standard null modems, and various connectors (view face only).
  8. I want to buy a new PC.  How do I choose and pick a PC?
  9. I need some utilities for my PC.  What are the best shareware and freeware programs?
  10. I hate junk mail!   Filters don't work, unsubscribe lists don't work, legislation doesn't work.   How do I really get rid of spam?
  11. How do I create successful web pages?
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Here are most of the Tech Tip pages and graphics in a single PDF file (as of Jan 2002)


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