Miscellaneous Trip Pictures (Mostly Stupid)

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At the start of the trip, filling up.  Keith made sure we had plenty of gas during the trip.  Just ask Brad! Brad goofing off at the gas station. Brad's wife, Marilyn,  stayed home to take care of the doggies! Our key card holder for the room at the Courtyard.  We sure did love that pool and Jacuzzi! Settling in to the room, making plans for following days...
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Our tickets for Williamsburg and the carriage. Our colonial money we spent while eating and shopping at Williamsburg. Brad took pictures of an entire wall timeline at Williamsburg... Click...
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Click... Click... Click... Click...
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Click... Click.  Brad lost his picture taking privileges after this! Brad ready for bed after the day at Williamsburg and a trip to the Jacuzzi! One of our food tickets for King's Dominion.  Poor Brad had to stand in line for a LONG time to cash these babies in!
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Our ticket stub to King's Dominion 2000! We had a great time!  Our only regret is we didn't plan a day or two extra for Williamsburg and area!

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