DAY 10:  Glasgow to Liverpool

We had a reasonable wake up time this morning, and started the day with a buffet breakfast.  I think all the remaining breakfasts and dinners on the tour are part of the package.  At least Douglas and I won't starve as we spend all our money on gifts and souvenirs!  I may have to buy another bag in order to get everything home!  Actually, we're in pretty good shape, but we have collected quite a load

Around 8 a.m., we began our journey to Liverpool.  It's sad to leave Scotland, but I'm sure we have good times ahead.  The road south from Glasgow took us to the southern uplands.  The large hills and mountains gradually faded away, and we once again  had the view of rolling hills and pastures.  This part of Scotland reminded me a little of Germany -- particularly Bavaria.  For a time, our coach seemed to be having a race with one of the local trains this morning as we headed south on M74.  We went along together for quite a distance.  The train disappeared, and every once in a while it would "pop out" along  side of us.  It finally disappeared altogether.

A silhouette of Douglas
standing on a hill in Scotland.

We passed by the town of Lockerbie, where the airplane disaster occurred several years ago.  It's a peaceful, quiet looking place.  It's hard to imagine such a terrible thing happening there.

Our first stop of the morning was the Moffet Woolen Mill outlet at Gretna Green.   Yikes!  Yet more stuff.  I began to wonder if I could pick up a sheepskin bag!  Gretna Green seems to be the Niagara Falls of Scotland.  Apparently the folks like to elope and get married there.  The law allows (or at least used to) a couple to be married by *anyone* as long as they have two witnesses -- a candlemaker, baker, shopkeeper, or any person of standing.  When I climbed onto the coach, the lady beside me pronounced "Keith and I have just been married!"  I guess I shouldn't have walked quite so close to the butcher shop...

Thirlmere lake (just outside of Grasmere).

We crossed back into England and headed for Grasmere, the home of William Wordsworth.  Grasmere and the surrounding area can aptly be described as quaint.  The village is surrounded by hills.  Stone fences weave their way up and across the hills, giving one the impression of giant seams stitching large grassy patches.  Farmland surrounds the village with sheep so close one could reach out and touch them.  Ravens and seagulls loiter around the benches waiting eagerly for their next free meal.  Of course, I bought a sandwich and obliged them!

Keith in front of
Wordsworth's (Dove) Cottage.

Just a few of what seemed to millions of sheep we saw in the UK!

Follow this link to see pictures on the train of several of the people who were on our trip!

We boarded a ferry at Windermere, went across the water to Lakeside, and took a train to Haverthwaite.  It was a pleasant and enjoyable ride; however, Douglas and I have started checking into the prices we are being charged for some of these optional excursions.  It appears to us that the Tour Director and/or Tour company are nipping us for a couple of pounds on each excursion.  I don't know if we'll confront them or make a big deal out of it, but one would think that a group would receive a discount, eh?


On the train!

The Adelphi Hotel

We ended up in Liverpool at a grand old hotel called the Adelphi.  This is a huge hotel built at the turn of the century.  This place has the scale of the old train stations, with giant entrances, marble walls, high ceilings and staircases.  Our room is absolutely gigantic for U.K. standards, and even has the old style entry way into the hotel room that separates the bath and bedroom.  Most of the original components are still intact, like chambermaid stations on each floor!

The Adelphi sitting room (just past the lobby).

Today was another laundry day, so Douglas and I took a cab down to Kensington Street to a launderette to do our laundry.  We couldn't get a service wash this time because the attendant was away when we arrived.  Doug spent time catching up on writing letters on the laptop while we did the laundry.  After the laundry, we caught  a cab back to the hotel, finding yet another super friendly cab driver.  Morris gave us tips on things to see and do, and suggested where we might find a good place to eat nearby.

Our dinning room
at the Adelphi.  What a place!

After throwing the laundry in the room, we dashed off to the place Morris suggested, "Caesar's Palace".  It is an upscale pub just down the street from our hotel.  The food was absolutely great.  We spent most of the evening there with one of the other guys on the tour, John from Australia.  John left early, so Doug and I puttered around the nearby streets, soaking in some of the night of Liverpool.  Liverpool is much as I expected.  It's a city with an edge -- but still very friendly in the right places!  We're off for a day trip to Wales tomorrow, and we'll return to Liverpool tomorrow night.

The hallway outside our room.  The walls were lined with marble --
can you believe it!?

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