Day 17: Portsmouth to London

We were able to sleep in late this morning.  After a leisurely breakfast and a group photo, we left the Hilton in Portsmouth and went to the Royal Maritime Museum.  We saw two great wooden warships: the H.M.S. Warrior and the H.M.S. Victory.  The Victory was the most impressive, I suppose, due to it's connection with Nelson and Trafalgar.  She is a beast of a ship.  One can just imagine her three rows of cannons unleashing on a broadside approach.   Amazingly, the Victory is still listed as an active commissioned ship in the Royal Navy, although she remains in dry dock.  Pride runs deep in the British Navy!

Nelson's H.M.S. Discovery

Next we headed to Brighton.  Brighton has a historical reputation of...  well, slightly questionable!  Basically, it was established as haven for the well-to-do to have discreet affairs.  Today it is a run down and filthy city.  To be fair, there are some nice shop areas and some historical buildings, but overall it is a dump.  The beach area was not sand, but smooth stone. 

After lunch, we headed back to London.  I ended up feeling sick, so Douglas and I cancelled our plans to go to the theater on our last night.

A pavilion palace in Brighton.

Instead, we got a good night's sleep, and head back to America  tomorrow!

That's it for the grand trip!  Hope you enjoyed the journals, maps and pictures!

Our tour group.

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