Here are the pictures from my trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  I spent a day at the theme park while in Orlando for my skydive wind tunnel training at SkyVenture!  Click on any picture to see a larger version of the photos below.

Orlando Airport Orlando Airport Hotel Back to the Future Back to the Future Car
This is inside the Orlando airport.  It's one of the nicest airports I've ever been in! Actually, it's the lobby area inside the airport for the Hyatt Hotel.  Still, it was pretty nice for an airport! The Back to the Future ride was one of the best in the Universal Studios theme park. Here, I'm standing in front of the "Back to the Future" car from the movie.  
Universal Blvd Universal Studios Earthquake ET Adventure Flags
Although it looks tropical, the weather was rather cool for Florida -- around 60 degrees. During the Earthquake ride, a fuel tanker truck slammed down next to the tram.  Water and fire surrounded the ride. The E.T. ride is reminiscent of the Disney "It's a Small World" ride. Not exactly disappointing, but it's more for the kids. This area was being setup for a new Animal attraction.  I wish it had been ready when I was there!
Universal's Graveyard Universal's Jaws Jaws boat ride Me feeding the fishy
I didn't make it to the Graveyard Revue. In the Jaws ride, a shark basically chases the boat as the boat captain shoots at the shark. Fire and water is definitely part of the Jaws ride.  I got soaked... Here's me cutting up at (or inside) a shark display near the Jaws ride! 
Looked Cheapo to me... Universal Lake Universal Lakefront Universal Lake area
The King Kong ride was a little disappointing.  I expected something a little more snazzy. A panoramic view of the lake in the center of the Universal Studio theme park. Another panoramic view of the lake area. A panoramic shot taken as I crossed the bridge to the other side.
It's a big lake... A small garden area Near the Jurassic Park area More lake and flowers...
This panoramic view was shot from the opposite side of the lake near the Earthquake ride. Here's a picture of me while I was taking a shortcut through a small garden area. This is a picture of me near the Jurassic Park display. Here's a regular style shot from around the lake.
MIB ride was boring... Training Lassie! Where's Boo-boo? Woody!
The Men In Black ride was another disappointment.  You basically ride around shooting a light pistol. Animal trainers were at the park this day.  They had one of the "Lassie" actor/dogs performing stunts and tricks. After the animal trainers, a bus with Yogi the Bear and Wioody Woodpecker rolled up. The actors hopped off the bus and started singing and dancing.  Within minutes little kids were swarming all over the place!
Street Scene Anoter Street Scene More Street Scenes Still more Street Scenes
This panoramic shot is of one of the city street recreations. All the buildings and most of the store fronts are all fake, but they look real from a distance. A Mardi Gras parade came rolling by, with people throwing beads. This panoramic view is of one of the streets near the front of the park.
Replicas of old cars Very good show Old taxi replica Another (pardon the pub) overblown ride...
Several old car reproductions were outside of a restaurant. The Terminator 2 show is one of the best in the park.  The 3D effects are the best I've ever seen. A Yellow Cab reproduction in the town section. The Twister Movie ride/show was interesting, but a little bland.  Many of the rides rely on fire displays and spraying water.
Hollywood street names More streets Optical illusion Shuttle Universal Globe
The streets around the front of the park are named after famous Hollywood streets. Another panoramic shot of the streets. This picture is actually an optical illusion.  I was standing in front of a tiny model of the space shuttle. Here's a picture of me standing in front of the Universal Globe at the front of park.
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